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Hand-Feed the Herd of Giraffe!
There's nothing quite like watching the world's tallest animal lean down to you and nibble a treat from your hand. Best of all, you can enjoy this experience every day between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at Naples Zoo. For just $5, you'll receive a serving of three tasty leaves of romaine lettuce from Wynn's Market. It's an experience you won't forget as you get an incredible close up view of our elegant giraffe.

Feed Our Herd
“I had the incredible joy of doing this in Africa,” said the Zoo’s Director of Conservation Tim Tetzlaff. “I’m thrilled everyone now has the chance to do this here in Naples.” Hand-feeding is scheduled daily from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. At the exhibit, trained docents answer your questions so you can learn how little giraffes sleep each day and why high blood pressure is a good thing for these gentle giants!


Naples Zoo Director of Conservation talks about hand-feeding giraffes.

This bachelor herd was formed through the cooperation of nationally accredited zoos between Florida and California. The giraffe herd is now living in what will eventually be just a portion their exhibit as part of an all new African region within the Zoo.

The giraffe were brought in early as it is better to transport giraffe when they are young as well as introduce them to each other. In the few years before the full area is developed, they will be quite comfortable as their area is six times larger than the state requires and larger than some zoo's permanent habitats.



The Giraffe Feeding Experience is presented by the Wynn Family of Businesses

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